The beginning of my love affair with the Scottish Terrier breed began when my sister and I were looking for a puppy for my mother's sixtieth birthday present. I was working in Germany at the time, so it was up to my sister to find a dog of suitable proportions and type to be a good house pet. We weren't particular at this point about the breed – but it was the good fortune of all of us, that it was a litter of Scottish Terriers that she found. We were also lucky that the breeders were reputable and the dog was a good one. Robbie, as he became known, was a wonderful dog and we all, of course, adored him.

I have always loved dogs, but my job, which involved a good deal of travelling , had prevented me from having one as an adult. But as soon as Robbie came into the family, I was determined it would be a Scotty for me just as soon as I was settled and in the position to have a dog of my own.

My parents were on their second Scotty (Angus) by now, a striking Trakside dog. But by this time, I did not only want to have one as a pet, I wanted to do something positive to contribute to the breed. - I wanted to breed my own Scotties!

Elizabeth Blower, the breeder from whom I obtained my foundation bitch, was aware of my plans and she was tremendously encouraging in helping me set up my kennel. Sadly she passed away recently, but I shall always remember her generosity towards me and her boundless enthusiasm for the breed.

My husband had always regarded himself as a cat person and was not, at first, over-enthusiastic about my plans to start breeding dogs! In an effort to win him over, I suggested that he be the one to name our new puppy – so he chose Millicent, or Millie as she is known. Of course he was converted immediately – who can resist falling under the spell of a Scottish Terrier puppy?

Millie, (Killisport Mayqueen) was one of a litter of six, (two brindles, two blacks and two wheatens). I had rather fancied a wheaten, but they were already spoken for. I had not really considered a brindle (my second choice would have been black), but Elizabeth assured me that the two brindles were ideal potential brood bitches so she kept one, and I had the other! And that is how the story began......