Introducing The Scots

All our dogs live with us in the house rather than in outside kennels. Essentially they are our pets.

Killisport Mayqueen - Millie

Millie, the matriarch, has been with us since she was about twelve weeks old. (We were delayed in collecting her because I had just broken my ankle – exquisite timing! ) I used to stand on the lawn and exercise her by making her follow the end of a very long stick – which she did with great enthusiasm. In fact she will chase sticks for hours on her walks in our local wood to this day!

She has a very balanced temperament, enjoys being fussed but is quite happy to be independent, preferring, like most Scots, to be in the vicinity keeping an eye on what is going on! She is lovely with people, and is quiet and laid back. (So much so, that she was rather disinterested in being in the show ring. She did, however, qualify for Crufts).

She is a sturdy dog, black brindle (appearing black from a distance). She has an excellent coat, wiry and thick. She fills the role of matriarch with perfect ease.

Skircoat Stupenda – Gertrude (Gertie)

Gertie was so named because she was the largest girl in the litter (Millie's first, and only litter, to date). She is also a black brindle and is now a mother herself. She has a very fine head and most expressive ears. She is a very obedient canine although a bit of a barker. She is alert at all times, even walking in the woods where she seems to be constantly on guard rather than in 'play mode'. Like Millie, she is lovely with people, and readily rolls over on her back to have her tummy rubbed! She is also the queen of the sofa!

Skircoat Serena – Daisy

Daughter of Gertie, grand-daughter of Millie thus the second generation of my own Skircoat line. She is black and has always been a complete bundle of energy with plenty of Scotty attitude. Showing great promise as a potential show-girl, she was with us for about a year before she was “head-hunted” by another breeder, with whom she now abides happily, as here, in the house with two other dogs for company. Endearing though she is, I have no doubt, at least among the canine fraternity, she is ruling the roost! We are looking forward perhaps, at some future stage, to welcoming one of her pups back into the fold.

From Dash Mountain Farm's Mr Ashgate at Skircoat

Barney continues making his mark on the household with his wonderful loving, lively personality. His curiosity is boundless and he is extremely bright. As well as a super temperament, he has a gorgeous head and a beautiful glossy but wiry black coat – a very pleasing addition to our “family”. He loves to meet and greet my music students, sitting at the foot of the piano during their lessons.

Skircoat Sonata - Winnie

Winnie is a typical scot in that she “does her own thing”. She is an outdoor girl and often refuses to come in when called, arriving only when she is good and ready! She is very loving and has a quiet temperament although is quite dominant in the pecking order. Her first litter was born on May 1st 2016 and she proved to be the ideal mum to five bouncing pups – four black bitches and one brindle dog. Winnie herself is a (dark) brindle and has beautiful carriage and construction. She has been shown relatively little due largely to time constraints on my part.

Skircoat Sospirando – Gwen

Gwen is the daughter of Winnie and Barney and fits into our scotty family perfectly. She is confident, loving and a good-looker. She recently made her show debut at the North of England Scottish Terrier Club open show winning a second in junior (she is now ten months old). We are looking forward to more outings in the ring shortly.